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Schmooshie Marcotte
$3000 life saving cancer surgery Sept 2014
About Healing Hands Pet Care
Chloe Marcotte: $2000 in dental care, August 2014

Dr. Mary Marcotte

"I am very grateful that I was able to provide the extensive veterinary care both of my pets needed this past year. They were in the best of care with veterinary specialists who provided top notch medicine. The financial impact on my family was substantial - these experiences  fueled my passion to provide necessary, life saving procedures at affordable prices for all pet owners."
The rising costs of much needed veterinary surgery and dental care has sadly prohibited many loving owners from providing the best care for their pets. Healing Hands exists to bridge the ever growing gap between the cost of high quality surgery and the financial ceiling of pet owners' budgets. Everyday animals are relinquished at shelters across the country because their owners simply cannot afford their care. Our goal is to provide a means so that pets can remain where they belong - with their human families.  
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Healing Hands is temporarily closed for construction - we are already expanding!! 
Dr. Marcotte can still be reached by email at: drmary@live.com

In some cases, exceptions can be made and we can arrange surgery for animals in need of urgent care. If this option is offered, please be patient as we will need to coordinate having a team ready which includes: a qualified veterinary technician to run anesthesia, assist in surgery, and other volunteers to help with animal after care, intake and release.